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My Major Interactive Project (Part 2)

Part 2 shows my completed interface of the 'Moving head' and the set-up as well as the interactive process of getting the still images.2nd photo shoot is included in this post too!

Images of my completed interface in difference angle.

Setting up and the interactive process.

Setting up the camera with my homemade tripod=)

Audience standing in front of the camera swinging the moving head. (when lights is off)

2nd photo shoot! ( A series of figure 8)figure 8 is one of my instruction for my audience.

Some other random abstract strokes.


My Major Interactive Project (Part 1)

Title : My Moving Head (Abstract light drawing)
Main Objective: To achieve the best visual effects with cheap and raw materials.

Wanting to create a light installation like any club in Singapore, so i started by researching on artists who does light installation and was impress by this artists name Hiro Yamagata. He is one that does light installation using mostly LASER light.

A short statement by Hiro Yamagata: The real magic begins when the sun disappears and darkness falls. It is then that the laser system pours light onto the panels. Like the sun, the laser beams create light from the individual electron's reactions to different particles. These particles, not normally perceived by the human eye, reflect off the holographic surfaces, making the "invisible" light appear; and the view is extraordinary.

October 10, 2001, Los Angeles, CA - The first major European installation by artist Hiro Yamagata, PHOTON 999.

This is the visual effects that i am pursuing but as you can see this is a laser light installation that uses a lot of space and laser system are expensive. Therefore i decided to micro the whole idea down by capturing the light motion into a photograph. Then i when on to research on light drawing as well as LED light.


Materials: Soldering kit,heat shrinking tube,electric tape,2 color duo-core wire,normal switch,20ohm resistor,1.5v button battery and finally some color LED.

Solder the resistor to the short pin on the LED.

Cutting of the rubber part of the wire to exposed it.

Slotting the heat shrinking tube onto all exposed wire to prevent short circuit.

Connect another wire to the LED light as well as the switch by soldering it.

Wrapping three 1.5v button battery using the electric tape so it gives a total of 4.5v, then connect the 2 color wire onto it by just wrapping or solder.


This is how it look like in the dark.


Capturing the still image using a camera by setting the exposure to the longest secs.

First Try:


Joseph Kosuth

Born 1945 in Toledo, Ohio, Joseph Kosuth is one of the first Conceptual artists, concerned with the mechanics of meaning in language, especially words used in various contexts. He has done installations with text, quotes, and definitions sometimes combined with photographs and objects.


A chair sits alongside a photograph of a chair and a dictionary definition of the word chair. Perhaps all three are chairs, or codes for one: a visual code, a verbal code, and a code in the language of objects, that is, a chair of wood. But isn't this last chair simply . . . a chair? Or, as Marcel Duchamp asked in his Bicycle Wheel of 1913, does the inclusion of an object in an artwork somehow change it? If both photograph and words describe a chair, how is their functioning different from that of the real chair, and what is Kosuth's artwork doing by adding these functions together? Prodded to ask such questions, the viewer embarks on the basic processes demanded by Conceptual art.

"The art I call conceptual is such because it is based on an inquiry into the nature of art," Kosuth has written. "Thus, it is . . . a working out, a thinking out, of all the implications of all aspects of the concept 'art,' . . . Fundamental to this idea of art is the understanding of the linguistic nature of all art propositions, be they past or present, and regardless of the elements used in their construction." Chasing a chair through three different registers, Kosuth asks us to try to decipher the subliminal sentences in which we phrase our experience of art.

Source Obtained From :http://www.moma.org/collection/browse_results.php?criteria=O%3AAD%3AE%3A3228&page_number=1&template_id=1&sort_order=1

My point of view:

I find that the chair in this installation is not the main focus of the whole work, it is the idea and the concept that Kosuth wanted to deliver to the audience.He presented 3 different kinds of ways to picture a chair, firstly a chair in our mind when we read a dictionary definition of the word chair.secondly a real chair which we could actually sit,feel,smell and lastly we can picture a chair by looking at a photograph of a chair.3 good ways to present a similar object to teach us that there are allot more different ways to show 1 idea.

Lifespan is another thing that I saw in this installation compare the real 3d chair to the photograph of a chair, I think that kosuth wanted to capture or save the best moment of the element.As time goes by the real chair will eventually be damaged by any nature reason,thou the photograph might be damage but the object in the photograph remains the same condition when it was taken.

I am going to conclude this installation by saying that there is no definite answers to the purpose of kosuth one and three chairs, it all depends on how people look at it in different perspective.
Found something damm cool when doing some random artist research.

Camille Utterback, 2001 - 2002

Basically this installation project a stillness video image from a projector and when a person moves closer to the projection screen the image actually create a blur yet beautiful motion of the stillness image as if that the object in the image was moving back in time.

Detail Information are below. Source Obtained/video of this installtion :http://www.camilleutterback.com/liquidtime.html

The Liquid Time Series explores how the concept of 'point of view' is predicated on embodied existence. Initially, the piece was an attempt to create an interactive installation where users' physical positions in the gallery (tracked by an overhead camera) controlled different 'perspectives' in a collage-like projection. The result of this exploration, however, is a series of pieces in which imagery of time, as well as space, is disrupted by users' motions.

In the Liquid Time Series installation, a participant's physical motion in the installation space fragments time in a pre-recorded video clip. As the participant moves closer to the projection screen they push deeper into time—but only in the area of the screen directly in front of them. Beautiful and startling disruptions are created as people move through the installation space. As viewers move away, the fragmented image heals in their wake—like a pond returning to stillness. The interface of one's body—which can only exist in one place, at one time—becomes the means to create a space in which multiple times and perspectives coexist. The resulting imagery can be described as video cubism. To create this imagery Utterback's software deconstructs the video frame as the unit of playback. This piece destabilizes a basic premise of time based media—that the unit of recording is also the unit of playback.

The current Liquid Time Series Series consists of two distinct pieces, Liquid Time Series—Tokyo, and Liquid Time Series—New York. In each piece, participants interact with images from sites in these cities where humans, data, or other physical matter are transferred or in transit. Participants' movement back and forth in front of the screen both echoes and controls the movements of busy pedestrians. People on screen are set in motion by motions off screen—shimmering in and out of existence. The composition in each video clip is anchored by static elements that become stable armatures in the chaos of fragmentation—street signs, trash cans, a person standing oddly still. The unexpected permanence of certain elements (and the transience of others) hint at how both personal and cultural memory have a physical component subject to the unpredictable nature of decay.

BOOKMARK - A feature supported by web browsers to access frequently viewed web page when saved to this file. Rather then looking up a URL each time.There is also website that support users to save their fav.links in the site rather then on their PC.
www.delicious.com is an example for this.

LINK - A connection between two HTML documents. IE: what happens when you click on an image or highlighted text in a web page.You can use links only in components owned by the application that owns the link.As in the links will direct you to other page of the same application but different information.

Source obtained from : http://www.greyfoxwebworks.com/webterms.html#L

Movie Review (Money 2)

Following the success of "Money No Enough" (1998) ten years ago, which is undoubtedly Singapore's biggest box-office hit with an unsurpassed S$5.8 million, Jack Neo along with co-stars Mark Lee and Henry Thia are back in "Money No Enough 2".

This was a absolutely fantastic local film i would said. Watched with DouDou and she was like crying like some mother cow._. The movie reflects most of the situation out in Singapore example family argument with money issues, problem surface 1 by another when tax rises, ERP seems to be almost everywhere on the road and many other problem that the Singaporeans are facing. How can they as part of the society solve the problem? All they do was just to rant and make some noise to the government and after some time when the tide is calm the matter rest as well. Increase in tax,ERP,GST rise was it just to balance the economy? I dunno but it definitely put up a big challenge to low-income family.

Mark Lee(1 of the actor)says : "Even thou you are loaded with cash,properties,car but without loves one and family you are NOT the richest"
"Even thou when you are left with a dollar in your pocket,less then $10 in your account but with the tender love and care from your family and your loves ones, you are NOT poorest in fact... the richest."

This actually brought me back to a question when Kelvin asked the class on Monday lesson which was saying that " Sure! you could use your wealth to get girls to fuck u but you will never get them to respect you or yourself,when you are rich you will never know who really likes you."

I agreed to Mark totally as family and loves one really comes in first priority thou career takes half of a person life, but to kelvin question...yes wealth can really drives someone to become inhuman but when one is humble,self respect/discipline and knows how to manage his/her financial, it should be alright. I suppose._.

Anyway "Money No Enough 2" great show catch it as soon as possible..its suitable for everyone every race every religion!Put the money issues and the family problem aside,just the comedy part as in the ways they speak the language they use is already worth watching*Laugh my ass out* BTW I FUCKING DROP MY CHEESY HOT DOG IN THE CINEMA WHICH LEADS ME SO HUNGRY THROUGHOUT THE 126MINS.FARK! and DouDou was like laughing like a mother cow at my clumsiness.

Eric's Lasalle Blog Birth.

Reason of creating this blog is to document information and daily routine to help in my major project in the end of the year ( i hope i can update daily*)

( Rant!)IA3A First Week.
Basically introduction of the whole Interactive Arts outline, were told whats our expectations and stuff like this. LECTURES TUTORIALS DISCUSSION ESSAY BOOK-REVIEW can you imagine?!
ARGH!!! spare me pls;( thou they really kills but i am sure that i can manage it well with the guilds of all my cool lecturer.sorry for the ranting session time for some serious post.

Yes Yes! Kelvin Tan the first lecturer that actually warms everyone up haha.
you really got your own way to make students TALK. Trying my best to absorb as many knowledge and info i could during this 2 days and i hope that this excitement towards this course would never end;)

Currently in Andreas Web Technologies class. Touching on Web2.0 how to actually search for resources smartly thru the net, HTML and CSS blah blah blah...tons of things to learn.

Alrightly, Andreas!! I'm done with my first post!



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